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Waste Plastic to Fuel Conversion Plant

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Waste plastic to fuel conversion plant is a plant which can realize using plastic as a fuel. It converts plastic into fuel oil through pyrolysis. Since the fuel oil has wide uses in many industries, this machine could be the best type of recycling ma
Waste Plastic to Fuel Conversion Plant

Waste plastic to fuel conversion plant is a plant which can realize using plastic as a fuel. It converts plastic into fuel oil through pyrolysis. Since the fuel oil has wide uses in many industries, this machine could be the best type of recycling machine that can properly solve the problem of plastic waste pollution.

Our waste plastic to fuel oil conversion plant is quite a big pyrolysis machine that contains different parts with different functions, especially for a fully continuous plastic pyrolysis plant. To make sure a smooth running, it requires a high-quality of the plant. As a result, Beston pays much attention to the quality of our plant during the process of manufacturing. We adopt the auto-welding technique and the ultrasonic flaw detector to make sure there is zero defect of our plastic into fuel machine.


Specification and Parameters of Waste Plastic to Fuel Machine for Sale








Daily Capacity





Working Method



Fully   Continuous

Raw Materials

Waste Plastic,   Tyre, Rubber, Oil Sludge, Medical Waste

Reactor Size






Horizontal   & Rotary

Heating   Materials

Charcoal,   Wood, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.

Total Power





Floor Area   (L*W*H)





Operating   Pressure

Normal   Pressure

Constant   Pressure

Cooling Method

Water Cooling

Service Life

5-8 Years

Patents We Have Got for Our Waste Plastic to Fuel Conversion Plant

1.Protective casing for the pyrolysis reactor. The new casing uses refractory materials to prevent the reactor from fast aging and avoid heat loss and protect the operators at the same time.

2.New type heating structure. The new heating structure combines the advantages of direct heating (open fire heating) and indirect heating (wind type heating) together. It improves the heat utilization and saves a lot of fuel cost after the proof from most of the buyers.

The conversion of plastic into fuel is a non-oxygen and high-temperature process and there will be also flue gas generated inevitably. Therefore, it asks a fairly safe and eco-friendly working process. The waste plastic to fuel conversion plant of  just holds both of the two characteristics.

High-leveled Safety Design

The 100% avoid-burn technology and 100% explosion-proof technology guarantee the safety of the operators.

We have the professional thermometer and pressure gage to inspect the temperature and air pressure at any time.

The outlet valve clog-proof technique is used for our waste plastic to fuel conversion plant operation.

The stove door is small to make sure the working process in the reactor much more stable and smoother.

Remote PLC control system can make sure the safety of the operators and this device is optional for the customers.

Eco-friendly Working System

The new heating structure of plastic pyrolysis plant can not only improve the heat efficiency and save the fuel cost, it can also reduce the flue gas. If the customers choose natural gas or PLG as the fuels, there will be much less flue gas generated.

The strict and scientific design for the flue gas filtering system can make sure the emission meet the EU standard. The whole filtering system includes de-dusting, water spraying, cleansing, ceramic ring adsorption and activated carbon absorption.

How to Convert Waste Plastic into Fuel

1.Feeding the plastic waste into the reactor.

2.Heat the reactor and the oil gas will be generated until the inner temperature of the reactor reaches 160℃.

3.Oil gas liquefaction and storage. Heavy oil and light oil shall be stored respectively. The light oil is final plastic oil we get.

4.Collect the combustible gas and use it to heat the reactor back.

5.Flue gas emission through the filtering system.

6.Using a waste oil distillation plant to get diesel fuel from the plastic oil we just get from the pyrolysis process. And the qualified diesel fuel is the final product of this plant. The diesel fuel can be used as fuel for large and heavy machinery like planes, trains, ship, etc.

You can also get carbon black which is very useful in many industries. Because of the high market value of the final products, in the end, you will find this waste plastic to fuel plant is worth the price. Meanwhile, Our company is capable of offering a very competitive plastic to fuel machine price for each of our customers. We try our best to reduce the production cost and additional costs but never lower the quality of our plants. We aim to manufacture affordable waste plastic recycling equipment for any person, organization or country which really need them. Moreover, as we all know, the labor cost in China is quite low so it can, in some way, reduce our cost and keep the price of our plants at a reasonable level.